Athena Maikish


Athena is the former Head of Process and Analytics and was one of the first 10 employees at Uber. At StubHub, served in a few roles including Director of Marketing, Director of Pricing as well as Director of Analytics. Quant who also builds teams from scratch and empowers people and teams to achieve max potential. Crunched numbers and drove growth for many organizations including Goldman Sachs, Accenture, The World Bank, UNESCO and Save the Children. Earned a PhD from New York University. Based in NYC. Currently learning how to garden. 

My services

Athena helps companies build better connections with their customers by...

  • Evaluating marketing execution with an eye towards scalable processes to supercharge growth
  • Studying data strategy – particularly as it relates to customer acquisition and retention, supply chain and other key business metrics
  • Reviewing marketing strategy – particularly as it relates to creating a robust integrated marketing channel mix
  • Assisting with the org structure of marketing and analytics functions to drive lean and accountable teams
  • Partnering with leaders make bolder yet smarter bets and more robust decisions
  • Interviewing new marketing and analytics hires and creating scalable interview practices to allow only the best in the door

Specialist Areas

  • Startups
    Helping grow businesses at various stages of their initial growth curve
  • On Demand / Double sided marketplaces
    Driving growth in both demand and supply customer bases to supercharge sales
  • Processes and operations
    Designing exceptional operational setup and standards that allow for fast and efficient growth
  • Analytics
    Developing key analytics practices and metrics that allow operators to make informed decisions that drive impact
  • Marketing
    Concieving and measuring efforts to reach new customers and engage existing customers
  • Leadership
    Mentoring leaders to form and build empowered, accountable and happy teams
  • Sports and entertainment
    Keen understanding of business models and ticketing dynamics within all major American sports leagues as well as concert, festival and theatre spaces

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