Barry Levy


Barry is the former Head of Expansion for UberEATS in Asia Pacific. During his 4+ years at Uber, Barry held a number of positions across Uber’s key markets. As one of the founding team members of Uber Australia, Barry launched Uber’s ground breaking service in Melbourne, successfully scaling the team and business before setting up additional markets around the country. A year after joining the company, Barry relocated to Southeast Asia to help build the fledgling Asia business, working across all ASEAN markets in addition to directly managing Uber Thailand.

In his previous role, Head of APAC Expansion for UberEATS, Barry led the charge in bringing the seamless UberEATS experience to cities across Asia Pacific. In just 6 months Barry, with his team, increased the UberEATS footprint from 2 to 10 cities.

Barry’s formal training as an Aerospace Engineer has provided him with a deep appreciation for the numbers, enabling a data-driven, yet creative, approach to solving problems and thus successfully scaling businesses.

My services

Barry helps companies expand into APAC …

  • Assisting with organizational design/structure, planning and goal-setting

  • Assisting with recruitment of talent, including review/development of fundamental recruiting processes (job reqs, pipeline generation, interview/assessment process, employer branding, etc) to effectively attract and assess candidates while maintaining an enjoyable experience throughout.

  • Reviewing core business processes from operations, to marketing, to sales, to customer support, etc - with the goal of achieving operational excellence, and thus increased synergy, across all corners of the organization.

  • Reviewing regional/country level expansion strategy - particularly as it relates to exploration of market opportunity and prioritization, resourcing requirements, competitive assessment and the road to profitability/long term sustainability

  • Reviewing market entry strategies, including customer acquisition, brand building and PR, customer support, etc

  • Reviewing general business growth strategy to unlock growth potential - including understanding and overcoming supply/demand constraints, customer acquisition & engagement, etc

Specialist Areas

  • Regional Expansion
    • Developed and executed UberEATS expansion plan for APAC markets, from Japan to Australia.
    • Expansion of uberX across Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • Market Entry

    • Launched 20+ markets across APAC for different products including UberBLACK, uberX, uberMOTO, UberEATS

    • First global launch of UberMOTO in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Operational Excellence

    • Worked across all ASEAN markets reviewing and developing core business processes to achieve greater efficiency and hence successfully unlocking growth in each market.

  • Road to Profitability

    • Managed UberEATS Singapore business and team through transition from growth phase to one of long-term fiscal sustainability, all while maintaining platform growth.

  • On Demand / Sharing Economy

    • Built and managed two- and three-sided marketplaces from zero to millions.

  • Recruitment & People Development

    • Recruited 50+ team members across numerous APAC markets

    • Helped struggling team members develop into recognised team superstars

    • Coached new managers and worked with teams to build safe and inclusive culture.

  • Government & Public Relations

    • Developed and executed strategies to engage key government departments and influential organisations, building valuable relationships thus enabling the achievement of business goals across numerous APAC markets.

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