Krystal Lauk


Krystal is a former Illustration Lead on the Google Play UX team. She specializes in art direction, tech-orientated illustration, and visual design. She has worked with Facebook, Uber, various teams across Google, Fast Company, and Jack Morton Agency. Her work has been recognized by American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and 3×3 magazine. When she's in the studio you’ll often find her vigilantly stopping her two naughty cats from playing with her pen.

My services

Krystal helps companies visually communicate their ideas by...

  • Connecting with audiences and drive conversions through conversational and culturally relevant visual narratives and solutions for marketing and advertising campaign

  • Communicating company brand values and style through defining and developing a holistic illustration and iconographic style, logo design, and systematic framework for brand and product offerings

  • Delighting users with illustration-assisted product design, identifying and easing user pain-points through empathetic visuals and storyboarding

  • Ensuring that design quality and consistency, along with positive brand traits are carried throughout all initiatives through the art direction of client’s in-house design talent, Krystal Lauk Studio illustrators and her own executive production

Specialist Areas

  • Technology focused
    Effectively communicate complex technology-forward ideas and concepts through simple and engaging visuals, developing creative solutions for startups, editorial publications, and fortune 500 tech giants

  • Product design experience
    Collaborate in tandem with product designers to create user-friendly visually guided experiences, leaning on her past product experience

  • Agency disciplined
    Well versed in the agency workflow and pace, executing on major projects quickly and efficiently with open communication and collaboration among marketers, designers, animators, copywriters, project managers, producers and stakeholders

  • Art direction
    Mentor and lead designers in an open minded, safe environment, developing trust and effective collaboration while yielding detail oriented quality execution

  • Globally minded
    Experience working with major brands across global and localized campaigns, collaborating with APAC, EMEA, and Americas teams to deliver solutions acutely sensitive to cultural sensibilities and diversity needs

  • Inspired with purpose
    Passionate about creating user centered, meaningful design that inspires people to form long lasting relationships with the brands that align with their values 

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