Martin Li


Martin is the Director of ZF Holdings, a private investment firm with a focus on venture capital and private equity opportunities globally. Formerly Head of APAC Expansion for, the largest recruitment marketplace in the world with over US$100 million in funding. Martin was also part of the founding team responsible for China Expansion at Uber. Martin is Based in Hong Kong and travels frequently in the APAC region.

My services

Martin helps companies expand into China by …

  • Providing China and Southeast Asia insights & connections (including influencers & VCs)

  • Assess market and product expansion opportunities

  • Developing playbooks to execute on market and product expansion opportunities

  • Interviewing & closing new hires

  • Designing and implementing internal and external corporate structures (including Stock Option plans, JVs)

Specialist Areas

  • Startups
    Martin has been an integral part of iconic startups that expanded significantly in the APAC region

  • Investment

  • Invested in over 20 companies globally with a influential network of Asian strategic and financial investors

  • Asia Expansion Strategy
    Assess expansion opportunities and devise strategies tailor made to each business

  • China Expansion Strategy
    Experience in China expansion strategies, identify potential pitfalls and introductions to relevant strategic partners

  • Playbook Execution
    Review and create playbooks that help companies expand in a systematic and efficient manner

  • Network
    Share high value strategic and financial networks in the APAC region for commercial and investment purposes

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