Salman Ansari


Salman is a serial entrepreneur, engineer and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was formerly Founder & CTO of Rested (part of Atomic Labs portfolio), Founding Engineer & Engineering Manager at Involver (acquired by Oracle), Principal Engineer at Oracle, Founding Instructor at iXperience (first coding school in South Africa), and Web Development Instructor at General Assembly.

My services

Salman helps companies build highly effective engineering teams and software development practices by...

  • Working directly with engineering leaders to help them re-prioritize their own schedules to better leverage their strengths
  • Assisting in the implementation of insightful metrics tracking tools, and helping to foster a team mentality of experimentation to leverage the data for critical decisions
  • Participating in architecture planning sessions to design solutions for major upcoming migrations and product changes
  • Reviewing the technology frameworks, programming languages, and systems in place to ensure they are the best fit for the team’s current and future needs
  • Performing remote interviews to assess fit for engineering and product talent
  • Helping to build out a strong engineering culture through hiring, comp structure, performance review structure and more

Specialist Areas

  • Engineering Management
    Learning to understand and empathize with individuals on the team, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, improving 1on1s, balancing time between management and technical work, optimizing team processes (e.g. retrospectives) and working toward improved team satisfaction & retention

  • Full-Stack Web Apps
    Built and scaled numerous web apps leveraging technologies all across the stack: front-end (HTML/CSS, SPA with React.js, Backbone.js, etc), back-end frameworks (Ruby on Rails, .NET, etc), RESTful API design and maintenance, testing and TDD

  • iOS Apps
    Built and launched several major apps into App Store in both Objective-C and Swift, designed efficient workflows for agile release workflows, adding key libraries for metrics tracking, implementing animations, leveraging latest iOS APIs and adapting to Apple HIG

  • Scaling & Performance
    Identifying key bottlenecks API endpoint performance tuning, background processing systems, database performance and query analysis (MySQL/Postgres, MongoDB)

  • Analytics Tooling
    Identifying best practices for how to implement analytics and metrics reporting into your applications in the right places to inform critical decisions, identify bugs and other potential customer issues in the product

  • Engineering Org Design & Recruiting
    Identifying gaps in the company and teams, developing plans for internal promotion, external recruiting and/or role adjustment to meet growth demands. Rebuilding the interview process to maximize efficiency, remove selection bias, increase transparency, and optimize the pipeline for the right candidates for your team

  • Technology As Marketing
    Through experiences from personally giving countless talks, presentations and teaching hundreds of classes, training your team members to identify the right content to present at networking events / conferences, and become better public speakers, presenters, and brand ambassadors. Taking deep technical accomplishments and translating them into a compelling language that can be shared with the public to help place your company as a technical thought leader

  • Startups
    Experience at all stages of startups: founding stage (Founder/CTO & Founding Engineer), mid-stage (Engineering Manager scaling team and products), through startup acquisition into a large enterprise (Oracle) and adapting the products to integrate accordingly

  • Healthcare
    Protecting patient data at rest and in transit for HIPAA security, building internal processes and programs to meet HIPAA privacy guidelines, building user experiences that exude the trust needed in medical care while innovating and striving toward making things easier to use and understand

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